Saint + Hero apparel is a genuine movement. Based on a "buy one, help one" business model, each item purchased will help an underserved child through The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children. 

We all have a Saint within us-- that noble part of our highest nature that wants to do good and expose our best. And we all have a Hero within us longing to see the light of day. That big part of us who wants to triumph over fear, win over surrender and achieve legendary results in the most important parts of our lives. 

The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children (RSFC) is a registered Canadian charitable foundation founded by Robin Sharma. The Foundation raises funds from around the world and donates them to children's causes. 

Do you want to make a bigger impact with your life? Just imagine how you will feel knowing that you’ve helped even one child live a better life and craft their dreams. As Robin says: “The only happiness that lasts is the happiness that comes from giving.” 

Help us help the kids of the planet.






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